Homework #1:

This homework is due on 26/02/2013.
the homework should be submitted on plain A4 sized sheets.

Assignment #1:

Due on 18/4/2013
Should be submitted on plain A4 sized sheets.

Final Project:

15 marks

Due date: 22 June 2013 10:00 am.


You have to select a project which you would be attempting on hardware (not on MultiSim). You could use MultiSim for prototyping, but the final project should be produced in hardware. The hardware lab would be available and could be used by you during free timings ( Consult Mr. Adnan for that purpose). A few ideas for the projects are given below. But you are free to explore more on your own.

1. Frequency counter (3 - 4 bit)
2. 4 Bit binary calculator
3. 4 Digit (##.##) Digital Voltmeter
4. Parking lot management system
5. Digital clock
Your project should accompany proper project report.

A group viva would be conducted at submission.