Recommended Formats and Guidelines for Course Outlines

Following are the sample recommended formats that are used as templates for:

Course Outlines - Detailed Format

Course Outlines - Short Format

Reference Course Outlines - Recommended Format

Page Naming Conventions

Please use the following Page Naming conventions:

For Course Outlines:

e.g. F09_CSE145_Introduction_to_Computing
if there are more than one faculty teaching the same course, please append the initials of the faculty name, e.g.
F09_MIS502_OTM_SAA (SAA for Syed Asim Ali)
F09_MIS502_OTM_NA (NA for Nadeem Akhter)

For Reference Course Outlines:

e.g. CSE145_Introduction_to_Computing

Course Outline vs. Course Website

The Course Outline page refers to a one page space within fcsiba wiki. This page should contain not only the course outline, but also additional material such as lecture notes, guest speaker descriptions, etc.

If you feel that you would like to have a separate wiki for your course, you are welcome to create it and link it to the 'Course Website' as done here. The idea of the separate wiki is so that additional people such as students can become part of that wiki under the control of the concerned faculty.