Faculty of Computer Science - Programs of Study
Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems; their theory, design, development and application. Principal areas within Computer Science programs include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, management information systems and theory of computing. The Faculty of Computer Science offers learning through a large number of courses supplemented by research in a variety of areas including artificial intelligence, information and communications technologies, databases and MIS.

The Faculty of Computer Science consists of the following departments:

· Department of Computer Science and MIS
· Department of Mathematical Sciences (in process of establishment)
The Faculty offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD level programs in Computer Science. It also supports the BBA and MBA programs by offering Management Information Systems concentrations in both the programs.

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

The Bachelors of Computer Science, BS(CS), program is a four years morning program which is focused to equip young students with the fundamental understanding and practical skills needed by the future leaders of computing and related professions. A wide variety of courses in software, hardware and networking are offered concentrating on creating links between theory and practice. These courses help in developing intellectual abilities in understanding software architectures, programming languages, development environments, hardware interfaces, processor controls and mathematical ideas, both for applications such as scientific computing, and for reasoning rigorously about the specification and behavior of programs and computer systems.

The BS(CS) is a 4-year degree program that not only provides a rigorous education in Computer Sciences but also increases students' understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities. Being an integral part of the premier business school of the Country, our students also get best possible education in the field of Project Management, Business Development, Finance and Human Resource Management, enabling them to become the finest technology managers of the Country.

Master of Science (Computer Science)

The MS(CS) program provides opportunity for students to read for intensive high-quality courses at the cutting edge of technology. The subjects are in high demand from industry and are taught by academics, who have world class research profile in the area. The Masters Program offers specialization in the fields of Net Centric Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Software Engineering and Management Information Systems. The value of a IBA Computer Science postgraduate degree is further reinforced through our collaboration with leading industry names such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and IBM, in order to have hands on experience on the latest innovations produced by these companies.

The MS program is an evening program and prepares students in computer and programming theory, design, development and application. It consists of 30 credit hours; for those students opting for MS Thesis, 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of research work is required. For students opting for course work only 27 credit hours of course work along with 3 credit hours of Research Survey is required. The MS Thesis will be optional. The course work may be taken from multiple specialization tracks and a student would be required to take courses from at least two tracks. Specialization tracks include Net-Centric Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Information Management and Theoretical Computer Science. Within a specialization track a minimum of two to a maximum of 4 courses may be taken, each of 3 credits. Each track has their own set of prerequisites which are usually BS level courses.

Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D
The PhD program is one of the most innovative programs offered by IBA. The program allows students to undertake in-depth study in a specific area. The Faculty of Computer Science has established research labs in telecommunication and artificial intelligence, whereas a research lab in digital futures is being established. These labs offer students to work on pioneering research including cutting-edge work on probabilistic reasoning and machine learning techniques , new technologies to exploit the power of the web, collaborative tools of social computing, different platforms of information systems and state of art telecom simulation models.

The Institute of Business Administration is offering graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. degree in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Management Information Systems, Social Computing, Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Numerical Analysis, Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia and Numerical Computing. Admission to the Ph.D. program is conditional on clearance of an IBA entrance test and interviews. The successful Ph.D. candidates will be offered Research / Teaching assistance for which they shall be offered monthly stipend and tuition waiver. The program is composed of course work credits and dissertation credits. The duration of the Ph.D. program is from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 6 years.