MS in Computer Science.

The MS program is an evening program and prepares students in computer and programming theory, design, development and application. It consists of 30 credit hours; for those students opting for MS Thesis, 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of research work is required. For students opting for course work only 27 credit hours of course work along with 3 credit hours of Research Survey is required. The MS Thesis will be optional. The course work may be taken from multiple specialization tracks and a student would be required to take courses from at least two tracks. Specialization tracks include Net-Centric Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Information Management and Theoretical Computer Science. Within a specialization track a minimum of two to a maximum of 4 courses may be taken. Each track has their own set of prerequisites which are usually BS level courses.

List of Specialization Tracks (Courses and Prerequisites)

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  1. Net-Centric Computing (Prerequisite: Operating Systems, Data Communications & Networks, Introduction to Statistics)
    • Advanced Computer Networks
    • Mobile Computing
    • Wireless Communication
    • Information Security
    • Distributed Systems
  2. Human Computer Interaction
    • Advanced Human Computer Interaction (CSE575)
    • Usability Engineering (CSE576)
    • Interactive Design (CSE577)
    • GUI Design (CSE578)
    • Multimedia and Multi-modal Systems (CSE579)
    • Advanced Web Technologies (ICT512)
    • Social Software
    • User Centered Software Development
    • User Centered Software Evaluation
    • Interaction Design For New Environments
    • Human Factors And Security
  3. Intelligent Systems (Prerequisite: Artificial Intelligence, Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to Statistics)
    • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (CSE561)
    • Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (CSE652)
    • Evolutionary Computation (CSE656)
    • Probabilistic Reasoning (CSE655)
    • Mechatronics (CSE562)
  4. Software Engineering (Prerequisite: Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to Software Engineering)
    • Software Quality Assurance (CSE566)
    • Requirement Engineering (CSE567)
    • Software Project Management (CSE568) [This course title exist in CMS as MIS384 - an obsolete course]
    • Web Engineering (CSE569)
    • Advanced Web Technologies (ICT512)
  5. Information Management (Prerequisite: Database Systems)
    • SAP ABAP Programming I (MIS541)
    • SAP ABAP Programming II (MIS542)
    • Advanced Data Warehousing (MIS552) [This course code already exist in CMS with the title "Datawarehouse". Although the course is currently inactive and has never been offered before]
    • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (CSE652)
    • Social Computing Applications (MIS553)
  6. Theoretical Computer Science
    • Advanced Analysis of Algorithms (CSE651)
    • Advanced Theory of Computation (CSE571)
    • Formal Methods (CSE572)
    • Advanced Computer Architecture (CSE573)