Industry Collaboration

Close collaboration between the Faculty of Computer Science and the local industry has a number of benefits. The various ways in which professeionals from the industry can contribute to the IBA include:
  • Helping in improving the curriculum
  • Research collaboration
  • Supervising Projects and presenting project ideas for BS / MS / MBA / PhD students
  • Helping with the placement of students in the ICT industry
  • Presenting seminars in the Guest Speaker sessions or Distinguished Lecture Series

In order to help with these important activites, the FCS is looking for people in the industry and in particular alumni, who can help with the above activities. If you would like to help in developing a strategy in furthering collaboration between FCS and the local industry, please join this wiki and become part of the Friends of FCS. As part of this group, you are welcome to create your own page (using your complete name, e.g. kamransaeed) and give your suggestions here on how you would like to contribute in any of the above mentioned areas. In particular, you are welcome to review the course outlines and give specific suggestions for improvements. You may also suggest any topics for projects. Our student groups (or their faculty supervisors) conducting their final year BS / MS / MBA projects (that are typically two semesters long) may contact you for the projects.

You may also send an suggestions to send E-Mail.

To become a member, please send us an E-Mail so we can engage with you and process your membership.

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