Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science, IBA wiki!

On behalf of the Faculty of Computer Science, we welcome you to the FCS IBA wiki space. You are free to explore this wiki, however, please note that currently the membership is restricted to FCS faculty only.

The objective of this wiki is to be a collaborative forum among all the Faculty members and industry participants associated with the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS), and to provide students easy access to course outlines, project mentors, industry links and news and information. Following are the major links:

Course Outlines

A common space for course outlines. Course outlines exist in two formats:
  • Course Outlines for Fall 2009
    For each semester, individual faculty members are requested to upload and maintain their own course outlines here as well. The individual pages created will start with the naming convention, e.g.: "F09_CSE145". Faculty members are encouraged to keep as much of the course details here as possible. Template for Course Outline is given.
  • Reference Course Outlines
    For each course, a full time faculty is assigned to be the Course Lead. A Reference Course Outline (RCO) is supposed to exist for each course, to be maintained by the course lead. The RCO is intended to be, as the name suggests, a reference for each faculty teaching the course. The RCO is recommended to be followed for approximately 80% of the course material. However faculty members may deviate some what from the RCO, but typically for not more than 20% of the course content. Template for a RCO is given.
  • Meeting minutes, notices and discussion forum among faculty members and students regarding course outlines is also intended to be kept here.

Academic Policy Manual

An Academic Policy Manual is under preparation and is available for all at:
All faculty and students are encouraged to review the IBA policy guidelines here and to be aware of Examination policies and other guidelines.

Industry Collaboration

A forum for collaboration among research faculty members, the local industry and students.

Why Computer Science?

Forum for disseminating information to potential students, parents and schools about the challenges and rewards of chosing a career in Computer Science.

News and Messages

Message from the Associate Dean

Programs of Study

Membership and Permissions

Note: Membership to this wiki is limited to faculty members and 'Friends of FCS' only. Membership allows you to upload and modify content on this site. However you don't need membership to view all of the pages of this wiki. Students interested in giving feedback are requested to join the 'FCS Students Wiki'. Please note that you may post comments on the discussion pages of individual course outline and other pages without membership. However you would need to create a wiki account first.

Case Study:

Use of Wikis by Columbia University. Provides some interesting ways for students to use wikis in collaborative projects.