Friends of FCS

Friends of FCS are professionals in the industry and/or external faculty who are interested in contributing to the Faculty of Computer Science in one or more ways as mentioned in "Industry Collaboration".

  • Kamran Saeed [send E-Mail]
    We are please to announce that Mr. Saeed (MBA from IBA, class of 1996) has agreed to help in making a comprehensive plan for the FCS in terms of industry collaboration covering an objective, strategy and tactical plan. [A Marketing Strategy is also on the anvil]

  • Ali H. Zaidi [send E-Mail]Ali_Zaidi.jpg
    Mr. Zaidi is interested in conducting some serious projects with IBA students. He has given a presentation to IBA faculty and we believe there is a lot of potential if these projects can be taken up by several project groups of students, looking at a variety of angles (technical, marketing, etc). Supervisors and students interested in this may contact Dr. Sayeed Ghani [send E-Mail].

    Project description:
    "Have you ever experienced the agony of being stuck in Karachi traffic during rain/riots /rush-hour? What if I tell you that the problem can be solved with a healthy mix of Computer Science, Social activism and some out-of-the-box thinking?

  • My name is Ali Zaidi. I am a scientist at NESCOM: The premier public sector R&D organisation in Pakistan. I hold an MSc in Advanced Computing degree from Imperial College, UK. I have been involved in research and academic in Pakistan and UK for the past six years. My principle area of expertise is High Performance Computing and its applications. However, I am a keen student of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and it's various offshoots such as Human Computing, Urban Computing etc.

  • I am interested in conducting several projects at IBA with the theme:"Technology that helps people". In doing so, I want to solve the problem I described in the first para as well as many other issues of similar nature. For this, I need students with some programming skills, lots of motivation and most importantly: creative spark. If you think you can help me in helping people, please drop an email."

  • Nauman Sheikhpassport_size_-_nauman_shaikh.jpg [send E-Mail]
    Mr. Nauman Sheikh is the CTO at a technology startup (Credit-Chux) building a cross-industry customer profile for risk and target marketing. The company builds and offers hosted solutions to analyze and integrate data from various industries and build customer profiling models and behavioral models used for risk and target markeitng offers. Prior to that Nauman worked in USA for 10 years in large scale data warehousing and analytics space particularly in the financial and web/retail market with clients like eBAY, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Limited Brands, etc. helping them build customer management programs using customer and transaction data and advanced analytical tools. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from FAST and is pursuing his Chartered Accountancy program from UK. Mr. Sheikh has appeared several times as a guest speaker at IBA in Dr. Sajjad Haider's and Farzal Dojki's courses. He is also a rich source for ideas for projects.

  • Osama Khan OsamaKhan.jpg
    Osama Khan has been in the start-up space for almost an year now. He is still an early stage entrepreneur, who is a technologist at heart and loves the fusion of business, entrepreneurship & high technology! Osama Khan is the co-founder of txtanium, a leading enterprise communication firm based in Pakistan having offices in Middle East and Far East Asia. Prior to this Osama Khan worked as a Business Consultant at Kalsoft & then TPS.
    Osama is also working as an advisor to a few startups based on student projects with some industry collaboration. Osama Khan has done his undergraduate from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi in Computer Science and is currently pursuing an MBA from there too. Besides this Osama is part of Tech Angel Networks, TiE, P@SHA, ROTARACT & Microsoft Student Partner Program.
    Osama's areas of interest are: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Robotics, Mobile Apps, Social Computing, Web 3.0 & E-commerce.
    Osama Khan's address on the information superhighway is:
    Osama Khan can be easily contacted via email:
    If you have any idea which needs to be evaluated, need mentors or angel investment please feel free to write to him.
    'BS(CS) Class of 2009. Osama is an entrepreneur who has some interesting suggestions for building up the IBA Center for Entrepreneurship Development. On September 9, 2009, he delivered a presentation to the IBA CED Director, Mr. Zafar Siddiqui, and several faculty members of the FCS and faculty members teaching entrepreneurship at IBA, which can be downloaded here: , along with 'Did You Know' animation. He also has some suggestions for using viral and SEO marketing to promote IBA's web presence. Here is a link to his writeup." ~Dr. S.Ghani

  • Dr. Faisal Manzoor ArainDr_Faisal.jpg
    Dr. Faisal Manzoor Arain has been associated with the IBA in the past and is currently helping with supervising student projects. His brief profile is as follows: Dr. Arain is an Architect with a MS and Ph.D. in Construction Project Management. He has extensive experience of working at management and leadership positions in industry and academia in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Canada. Dr. Arain has successfully designed and managed numerous building projects including residential, commercial and educational building projects in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. He has been involved, as a Design and Construction Management advisor, with many universities and educational institutions. Dr. Arain has consulted, researched and published widely in the discipline of Project Management and Design and Construction Management and has delivered invited lectures in various countries i.e., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He has over 60 research publications, 2 book chapters, and 2 books (in press). His research interests include designing educational spaces, design and construction interface issues, project management, IT in project management, construction and architecture, and the development and application of knowledge-based systems for management of building projects. Dr. Arain is the winner of the Donald S. Barrie Award 2005 conferred by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. He is the first person in the Asia Pacific region to win this prestigious award. Dr. Arain serves on editorial boards of several international research journals. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Construction Project Management published by Nova Science Publishers Inc., USA. Dr. Arain is one of the panel judges for professional awards conferred by PMI, USA. Based on his professional and academic achievements, Dr. Arain is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (9th Edition), Who’s Who in Asia, Who's Who in the World (25th Anniversary Edition) and Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century. Dr. Arain is currently working as Chair, Construction Project Management Department with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Canada. He can be reached at and