CSE-145: Introduction to Computing (Lab)


Spring 2011


Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh



Course Description

The objective of this course is an introduction to principles that lay the foundation of computer science for students with no prior background in computing. This course is suitable for students with a non-technical background who wish to study the key principles of computer science rather than just computer programming. The course is designed to make students understand that computing is not just a single discipline but is a family of disciplines such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Information technology and Software Engineering etc. Essential Computer Mathematics is taught to strengthen the computing techniques by making Number Systems, Boolean Logic, Computer Graphics recognized. Problem solving techniques and their representation in the form of Flow charts, algorithms, pseudo codes are introduced. Topics include the history of computation, writing algorithms and using programming constructs, data organization, the role of the compiler, programming language paradigm, recursion, algorithm correctness and efficiency, limits of computability and the Turing machine as a universal computer, the role of the operating system, an introduction to artificial intelligence, and software engineering. Software Application and Tools are also taught for complete understanding of computing.

Course Outline

Introduction to Computing - lab .docx